How to change courses

If you’re studying and you want to change courses, do you have to apply through QTAC or through the institution?

The answer depends on what course you want to change into, and whether you want to change to a different institution.

If you want to change to a different course at the same institution, check with your institution to find out if you can transfer internally or if you have to apply through QTAC.

If you want to change to a course at a different institution, you must apply through QTAC.


Didn’t get an offer? Consider an upgrading pathway

If you didn’t get into the course you wanted, upgrading pathways can improve your chances of entry in the future by giving you a better selection rank or meeting entry requirements.

Upgrading pathways include:

Alternative pathways
Sit the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) or document your employment experience.

Bridging courses
Study a course that can meet subject prerequisites or improve your selection rank.

Competency-based training
Complete a competency-based course, like a certificate III or IV or diploma.

Queensland Senior External Exam
Get a Year 12 qualification without attending high school.

Tertiary study
Study a different tertiary course to improve your selection rank.

Professional qualifications
Apply using your professional qualifications and experience.

Check with the institution you want to attend to make sure you choose the right pathway for the course you want to get into.

Visit our website for more information on upgrading pathways.



Employment experience is optional!

Many applicants include employment experience on their application, then find they can’t provide a statement of service (a letter from their employer outlining their role) to prove their experience.

If you can’t document your employment experience, we can’t assess it.

In most cases, however, employment experience is optional to include on your application, and unnecessary to include if you have other qualifications that meet the entry requirements for your courses.

If you’ve included employment experience on your application and can’t document it, we’ll ignore your employment and consider your application on the basis of your other qualifications.


Prerequisites matter for non-school leavers too!

Some applicants wrongly assume that, because they’re non-school leavers or ‘mature age’, they don’t have to meet entry requirements—such as subject prerequisites—to get into a course.

Entry requirements apply to all applicants.

If you’re a non-school leaver and you don’t meet the entry requirements for a course, you won’t be considered. You’ll need to do something (for example, a bridging or preparatory course) to meet the prerequisites.

You can find out the entry requirements for individual courses using Course Search. If you’re unsure if you meet the entry requirements for a course, call us on 1300 467 822 before you apply.


Responding to your offer

Offers are released at 9am on Thursday, 14 January.

If you receive an offer, you’ll get an email from us that prompts you to log in to your QTAC account to view and respond to your offer.

Download our step-by-step guide to responding to your offer for more information.

You have until 10am on Thursday, 21 January to respond to your offer.

If you don’t get an offer, you can consider:

How we calculate OP ineligible ranks

You can use our OP ineligible estimator to get an idea of how we work out your OP ineligible rank.

We calculate your OP ineligible rank using your best 20 semester units of Authority subjects, Authority-registered subjects and vocational education and training (VET) modules (if applicable).

If you have less than 20 semester units, we calculate your rank based on a percentage of your studies. For example, if you have a grade average of 4.00 from 16 semester units, we calculate your rank with a grade average of 3.2 (based on 16/20th of 4.00).

If you sat the QCS Test, we use your test result to moderate your rank. A poor QCS Test result can’t lower your OP ineligible rank – it can only be used to improve your rank.

Your OP ineligible rank:

  • doesn’t include selection ranks for extra qualifications you may have, such as certificates or AMEB music awards, nor does it include any bonus ranks
  • isn’t recognised in other states of Australia or overseas, but it can be used to apply for tertiary courses in Queensland.

If you didn’t get the OP ineligible rank you were hoping for, you still have time to change your QTAC preferences.

You can change your preferences by logging in to your QTAC account. The final date to change preferences for the 14 January offer round is 6 January (11.59pm).